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The first commercial recording by the L.A. Jazz Choir is an audiophile LP released on the “Mobile Fidelity” label in 1982. The singers had just returned from a European tour (as the Pierce College Jazz Choir) that included performances at the Montreux and North Sea Jazz Festivals. Singers Sue Raney (Concord recording artist) and Carl Anderson (Judas in Jesus Christ, Superstar), who had previously appeared in Pierce College vocal jazz festivals, guested on the album.

To our pleasant surprise, “Listen” was nominated for a Grammy in 1983. Please enjoy a few audio excerpts from the album and, if you like, click on “Store” (to your left) to order.

"From All Sides"

The second L.A. Jazz Choir album was many months in the making. Its title reflects the varied musical styles included on the album— including old-fashioned bebop, well-known standards and cutting edge originals.

Co-producer Milcho Leviev provided three titles to the project as well as the elegant and sophisticated instrumental backup. Milcho came to America from Bulgaria to play in the Don Ellis band. Since then, he has become recognized as one of the leading “super talents,” not only in jazz but also in the wider world of creative music.

Originally produced by Stage 3 Music, “From All Sides” was licensed and released by Pausa Records in 1983, which led to a second Grammy nomination for the L.A. Jazz Choir. When Pausa closed its doors, Concord Records, the leading jazz label at the time, picked up the album in 1991and released it as a CD. The Concord version includes two additional tracks. Click for further details and audio excerpts.

"Sweet Dreams"

Mark Davidson is not only a talented and imaginative jazz pianist, but is also a very fine vocal arranger. “Sweet Dreams” was originally recorded in a live Mark Davidson performance at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Santa Ana, California. With Mark on piano, the trio rounds out with John Pattituci on bass and Chuck Flores on drums.Here are some audio excerpts.To order, visit our store.

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