Lies My Music Teacher Told Me

"Lies...shows in profoundly understandable terms how to fine tune one's musical sensibility. A must for any serious singer. This book is the inner Zen of singing."
Alan Paul -- The Manhattan Transfer

"A wonderful book! Insightful, humorous and, most important, practically valuable."
Phil Mattson -- Arranger, conductor, vocal jazz specialist.

"...a well-considered, insightful and very practical work for all teachers, performers and lovers of music."
-- Music For The Love Of It

"As a traditionally trained musician...I have often longed for someone to put down in words what you have been able to say. Thank you for your very enlightening and entertainingly presented book."
Marge Bailey -- Vice President of Sweet Adelines International.

"Anyone who sings, or works with singers, should have this book and study it. I think it's terrific."
Peter Matz -- Composer, arranger and conductor.

Dr. Larry Ball-- California State President of the Choral Conductors Guild.

"What a delightful and insightful book!!!"
Julia Amada Kruger-- Vice President of American College of Musicians.

"I learned more about how music works by reading this book than in all my years in college."
Robert Vitalie-- doctoral student in music.

"This is the most lucid music theory book I've ever attempted to read. (I say "attempted" because I've never been able to understand any other!) It is well-written, funny, and I learned more from this one book than in all of my 'musical education.'"
Deedra Tari-- professional pianist.

"The book is great! I wish I'd had it when I was in school. Or better yet, I wish the teacher had had it."
Frank Wayne-- professional musician.

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