"Sounds" Worksheets

Available in the Stage 3 Store.

The worksheets are designed to assist readers of "The Sounds of Music: Perception and Notation" to focus on the main points discussed in each chapter. Most questions seek factual answers (at least insofar as the author has expressed a point of view). Some questions are designed to provoke independent thinking, usually requesting justification for an expressed opinion. Exercises offer opportunity for practical application of theoretical principles. Drills help develop speed in practical use of routine information.

It is recommended that each chapter be read entirely before using its worksheet. When a chapter is largely understood (at least seventy to eighty percent), using the worksheet will help to bring focus on the main points. Using a worksheet prematurely can lead to superficial learning by simply looking up "answers" instead of fostering insights and understanding.

All questions are based on material contained in the corresponding chapters. Answers are not provided, thus encouraging the reader to go back to the chapter for clarification rather than simply memorizing words. On the other hand, if that fails to produce clear understanding, the reader is invited to consult our "Sharing" page to see if additional discussion of that item has been posted. If that does not result in understanding, email the question and Dr. Eskelin will post a response on the "Sharing" page within a few days of receiving it.

A note to teachers: Reading quizzes and exams (with answers) will be provided at no charge to instructors who have adopted "Sounds" for classroom use and have placed an order through a college bookstore.

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